Travel to Cozumel

After landing in Cancun you may take the ?hour bus ride directly from the airport to the port of Playa del Carmen ($7- $10) and one block from the bus terminal (tricycles, with drivers, are available to assist with your luggage) is where the hourly ferry ($6-$9) leaves on itís ?hour trip to Cozumel. Upon arrival you will pick up your luggage on the pier and then there will be many taxis to drive you, the short distance, to our location ($2 for 4 people). Or After landing in Cancun you may transfer to Aero Caribe for the 20-minute ride to Cozumel. Or Landing in Cozumelís international airport after picking up your luggage you will buy a ticket for each person ($8-$10) for El Centro, the center of the city. Walking out of the building there will be many suburban vehicles to take you to destination. 1st tell or give anyone of the drivers our address and you will be directed to one of the suburbans . The driver will load your bags and ask for a ticket and our location Los Arrecifes 20 Avenida norte #224 Entre 4 Y 6 Tel 872 5930